Premiere: October 28th 2016, Lokremise, St. Gallen Switzlerand

I choreographed a 75-minute dance adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos' masterpiece.  The multiple perspectives of the novel inspired me to set this adaptation in the round, with the audience surrounding a gladiatorial arena on all four sides. Rather than focus on linear narrative, I created a chain of vignettes exploring various relationships, themes and conflicts in the book.  The choreography embodied the emotional and psychological violence lying beneath the mask of drawing room manners. My guiding image was the battle-to-the-death between Valmont and Merteuil.

Spoken text came from the novel, Rousseau's Emilie, and 18th Century french poetry.

Artistic Team: Owen Belton (commissioned electronic score), Dieter Eisenmann (set and costumes), Emmanuel Gasquez (assistant), Deborah Maier (dramaturg), Benedikt Zehm (lighting)

Cast: Stefanie Fischer, Hoang Ahn Ta Hong, Lorian Mader, Ana Sanchez Martinez, Genevieve O’Keefe, Emily Pak, Lorenzo Ruta, David Schwindling, Carlotta Squeri, Robina Steyer, Alberto Terribile, Jens Trachsel and Cecilia Wretemark

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