NOW, WHAT, LIKE WHEN - Ballet Kelowna 

Premiere: February 5th 2016, Kelowna Community Theatre, Kelowna 

I was asked to create a dance work targeting 11 to 14 year olds. Rather than presuming to speak for them, I wanted their own voices to be heard. This piece echoes the conversations I had with various groups of teens: starting off silly and hyper, but eventually moving to a more thoughtful and reflective place, wondering about their personal futures, and the future of the planet.

This 35-minute work played to young and all-ages general audiences. Interviews with local kids fill up the soundscape created by Owen Belton, and their words are also spoken live, verbatim, by cast.

To be performed for BC students on tour in 2017.

Artistic Team: Owen Belton (composer), Linda Chow (costumes) and Tom Bradshaw (lighting) 

Original Cast: Desirée Bortolussi, Valentin Chou, Mark Dennis, Julie Pham, Heather Thompson and Kurt Werner

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