Premiere: July 17th 2015, High Park Amphitheatre, Toronto

My professional directorial debut, this early comedy by Shakespeare was performed three nights a week for over two months, seen by more than 16,000 people. The fantastic cast of 12 performed outdoors for an appreciative audience. 

I felt that late 19th century Venice would provide a picturesque and evocative setting in which to explore the play as a romantic comedy, not just a knockabout farce. With faith in the text as a guiding principle, the cast and I trusted that the very real needs and pain of the characters could be as compelling as the comic elements. 

Artistic Team: Sean Mulcahy (costumes), Teresa Przybylski (set), Lyon Smith (sound), Brad Trenaman (lighting), Peter Hinton (mentor), Neil Silcox (assistant director)

Cast: Christopher Allen, Dalal Badr, Sean Baek, Allegra Fulton, Soo Garay, Kyle Golemba, Jessica Greenberg, Randi Helmers, Allan Louis, Michael McManus, Dylan Trowbridge, Naomi Wright 

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