Premiere: January 22nd 2015, York University, Toronto

I selected a series of excerpted parables from Howard Barker's epic play, The Ecstatic Bible to direct in a semi-mounted production featuring third-year actors from York University's acting conservatory.

I love the work of Howard Barker for the ferocity and beauty of its language, narrative ambition, and dark, dark humour. I knew this work would be a massive challenge for me, a new director, and the young actors I worked with. The cast successfully met Barker's heightened text and big ideas with savage imagination and sharpened textual skills. 

Artistic Team: Brad Trenaman (lighting), Hayley Pace (sound), Will Bartley and Alomar Kocur (assistant directors)

Cast: Christopher Allen, Celia Aloma, Marcus Bernacci, Samantha Brown, Patrick Fowler, Gabrielle Graham, Lauren Griffiths, Julia Hussey, Amrit Kaur, Laura Meadows, Rosalinde Pecino, Amber Rodeck-LeRoy

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